(originally posted April 29, 2010 on Omeka.org)

We are very excited to announce that the Omeka.net Alpha has launched! The Omeka and Omeka.net teams have been working hard during the past few months to develop this new hosted service.

The current Omeka.net Alpha showcases Omeka’s core functionality: building a website with an archive of items. This means that our earliest testers may build an archive and configure the public design themes. Users may now upload a logo, customize a site’s navigation, and add homepage text simply by configuring a theme in the admin settings. Slick! No plugins are yet available, but soon we will roll them out in small batches for all users to try.

Alpha testers: we are relying on you to provide us with feedback on your Omeka.net experience to help make it better for everyone else.

If you requested an invitation, keep your eyes out for an email from Omeka.net (check spam filters) in the coming weeks. We will slowly roll out invitations throughout the alpha period.

If you did not request an invitation, have no fear.  In Fall 2010, we will launch the public beta, which will be available to everyone.  Then, your Omeka.net site will be just one click away!

2 responses to “Omeka.net Alpha Arrives”

  1. greg kessler says:

    I would like to know when you are going to begin accepting orders for hosting?

  2. sbrennan says:

    You may sign up today if you are interested: http://www.omeka.net/signup