(originally posted March 9, 2010 on Omeka.org)

The Omeka team is reaching for the clouds. After more than a year of planning and development, we are very pleased to announce the impending arrival of Omeka.net, a hosted web service that will bring standards-based online collections and exhibitions to the internet cloud. Be first in line for an invitation to try the free Omeka.net Alpha, including a special bundle of plugins, themes, and storage, when it launches in April.

Omeka.net will expand Omeka’s current offerings with a completely web-based service. No server or programming experience required. Similar to services offered by WordPress, the popular open-source blogging software, with the launch of Omeka.net users will be able to sign up for a free hosted Omeka site. Just create a username and password, and your online collection or exhibition is up and running.

This new hosted web service will further the Omeka project’s mission to make collections-based online publishing more accessible to small cultural heritage institutions, individual scholars, enthusiasts, educators, and students.

With Omeka.net, your online exhibit is one click away.

Sign up today.

3 responses to “Omeka.net: Be First in Line”

  1. I would like to use Omeka to catalog our extensive collection of shinto landmarks and shrine visits.

  2. I would like to use Omeka to create Digital Library prototype.

  3. Claes Ander says:


    This sounds very promissing for us (a local Swedish industrial exhibition).

    I must know a bit more about costs though. I understand the admittance is free for now. What about it in the future? What will we be charged later?