The team revised our Terms of Service and added a new Privacy Policy. We encourage users to take a few minutes to review these policies.

Additionally, we have made two new plugins available that will help you maintain consistent metadata entry across your website.

  • Library of Congress Suggest is now available for all users. This plugin adds an auto-complete feature to almost any metadata field in your Omeka site by pulling results from Library of Congress’s list of authorities and controlled vocabularies.
  • Simple Vocab plugin allows super and admin users to create controlled vocabularies for any metadata field. Simple Vocab is available on the Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

If you’re reviewing plans or contemplating an upgrade, we will be releasing a public commenting plugin soon on Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

2 responses to “New Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Plugins”

  1. Dwain Wilder says:

    I am interested in learning more about Someone on the Zotero forum wrote me that I can build Omeka ‘on top of’ Zotero. This is attractive, as I have a lot of data in a Zotero Public Library (see website above).

    Could you tell me if this is true. Or, even more helpfully, if I can import my Zotero library into an Omeka structure.


    Dwain Wilder

  2. Sheila Brennan says:

    Hello Dwain,

    It is possible to import Zotero libraries into self-hosted Omeka installations (, but not for websites. We hope to make it available for Net users at some point, but do not have a schedule date for its completion.