We are pleased to announce a new partnership with ARTstor to make the Shared Shelf Link plugin available to all Omeka.net users.

For users of ARTstor’s Shared Shelf program, this plugin allows you to bulk publish image files and associated metadata to collections in Omeka.net.

Shared Shelf is a cloud-based image management platform created by ARTstor. Metadata is then mapped to Omeka’s Dublin Core fields from customizable schemas before publishing Shared Shelf projects to an Omeka.net site.

To get started using this plugin, please contact Shared Shelf Support.

One response to “New Shared Shelf Link Plugin for ARTstor Users”

  1. We would like to test the new Omeka hosted service for our medical school students at the University of Minnesota. Our library system has several sites using Omeka and we think it might work for our needs to improve cooperative learning.

    Is it possible to keep login access to a site for viewing and editing, or is access control only for edit? thanks we would like to try the site either way!!