All Omeka sites have now been updated to the latest version of Omeka (2.5). This update comes with some exciting new features:

  1. Batch Edit All: Now when batch editing on a user can apply edits to entire search result’s worth of items, even if the results span over several pages
  2. New Item Advanced Search Options: Search users have
    • AND/OR support for combining multiple searches
    • “starts with” and “ends with” search types
    • “matches” regular expression search type
    • [No Collection] is now an option for finding items that do not have a collection
  3. Square Thumbnails: Admins can now select whether themes use square or “normal” thumbnails by default in Appearance Settings, without editing the theme files
  4. Warnings: Users are alerted when navigating away from pages with unsaved changes

Additionally, several plugins have been updated to their latest versions, including Locale, Google Analytics, Docs Viewer, Exhibit Builder, OAI-PMH Repository, Reports, LC Suggest, Simple Vocab, HTML5 Media, Omeka API Import, PDF Text. All themes have also been updated.

Finally, we have added support for several new iframe embeds: Prezi, Holobuilder, StoryMapJS, Sketchfab, and Stanford’s IIIF.

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