We’re happy to share some upcoming improvements and changes to Omeka.net!

Our website, including Help pages, and account dashboards are getting a fresh new look. We’re adding new plugins and themes, and updating the features included in existing plans. We’ve revamped the Showcase to not only highlight sites using Omeka.net but also help visitors learn more about them – for example, explaining which plan and plugins each site is using. Changes to the Help section should make it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Soon, subscribers at the Silver level and above will now have access to the Search by Metadata and Item Relations plugins.

We are adding three new plugins to the Gold and Platinum plans:

  • Editorial, which allows private feedback and discussion on exhibit pages
  • Exhibit Image Annotation, which lets users create publicly visible annotations on exhibit file blocks
  • Text Annotation, which allows users to annotate text on the public and admin sides of an Omeka.net site

Users with Gold and Platinum plans will get three new themes: The Daily, Big Picture, and Center Row. These themes will appeal to art historians, artists, and anyone who wants images to be the main focus of their Omeka.net site.

Since we launched Omeka.net in 2010, we have not raised our prices, even as the landscape for hosted web publishing solutions has changed over time. To reflect the addition of new plugins and themes, we are making some adjustments to plan prices and storage level. All paid plans will receive at least double the current storage levels, starting with 2GB for Plus going up to 50GB for Platinum.

Prices for Plus and Silver plans will drop slightly, while the Gold plan will increase slightly to reflect the increased functionality. The Basic plan will now be known as the “Trial,” but remains free.

These changes will take place by the end of the summer – keep an eye out for an announcement of the all-new look and revised plans!

(There are no special rates, but we are happy to discuss custom storage, support, and hosting plans.)

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