Settings in the Appearance section help you to manage derivative image sizes and some display settings for items.

Derivative Size Constraints

You are given the option to set the maximum image sizes for Fullsize, Thumbnails, and Square Thumbnails in pixels for the longest side of the image. By default the following sizes are set, but you may change them:

  • Fullsize Image: 600px;
  • Thumbnail: 300 px;
  • Square Thumbnail: 200 px.

Note: altering these constraints will only apply to newly uploaded files, not ones already in your database.

Display Settings

  • Results Per Page: You may edit the number of items to be displayed per page in both the admin and public items/browse pages by changing the “Results per Page” settings. The default number is 10 for both.
  • Show Empty Elements: If you wish to only show metadata fields containing data on the public pages, do not check this box. The default setting is unchecked. If you wish show all metadata (empty and filled) fields, check this box.