This plugin is for accounts with the Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

The Simple Contact Form enables visitors to your site to email comments and suggestions to the site administrator. By default, the plugin adds “Contact Us” to your site’s main navigation.



Select Plugins in the top navigation of your admin. Activate your plugin and select Configure.

  • In the Reply-From field, insert the email address to which user contacts will go. If you leave it blank, your users will not be sent a confirmation email acknowledging their emails were submitted.
  • In the Forward-To Email, enter the email address from which you will receive notifications that a user has contacted you via the form. If this field is blank, you will not receive user messages sent from the contact form.
  • In the Email Subject field, enter the message users receive after submitting an email via the Contact Form.
  • In the Email Message field, enter the message the site administrator receives when an email is sent to your site via the Contact Form.
  • Contact Page Title: Create a custom title for the Contact page.
  • Instructions for Contact Page: Add any text you want to appear on the web page above the form.
  • Add to Main Navigation: Check the box if you want to add a link to the contact page in the main navigation. If you have customized the site navigation in the theme configuration, you must add /contact to the custom navigation in order for that link to appear.
  • Thank You Page Title, and Thank You Page Text: Once users submit the form, they will be taken to a thank you page, which you can configure next by titling the page and adding any text.