Major Upgrade Coming Soon

Big improvements are headed to all users within a few weeks.

All websites will be upgraded to Omeka version 2.2.2 the weekend of October 11, 2014. During that time, websites will be offline and unavailable from both the admin and the public sides from October 11 through October 13, 2014. This is necessary to complete the upgrade successfully and to ensure that no data or content is lost.

The good news is that sites will enjoy many new features. We have listened to users’ suggestions and done our best to improve the user experience of .Net sites and to offer more site configurations within the administrative interface.

New Features

Redesigned Admin Interface: You will immediately notice the revamped admin interface, which includes many features to improve workflow and make it easier to build your websites.

Search Settings: The search functionality is also dramatically improved, and allows Super Users to select which types of content is included in the search (items, files, exhibits, collection).

Better Theme Configurations: There are more options to customize themes and public presentation of Net sites than ever before, including:

Improved Exhibit Builder: The new version of Exhibit Builder is redesigned to allow much more flexibility in the layouts you can create. Rather than choosing a layout for the entire page, Exhibit Builder 3.0 breaks the page into stacked blocks with different arrangements of images and text. This enables you recreate all of the old Exhibit Builder page layouts, but it also adds flexibility to mix different arrangements on your exhibit pages.

API and Export: Using the built in __API (Application Programming Interface), you can expose your content so that other systems can communicate with it and make use of it. The API will also make moving content from one Omeka site to another dramatically easier.

Collections: Users can now add Dublin Core Metadata to collections.

Metadata Field Comments: Administrators can leave instructions for other users describing the meaning and interpretation of specific metadata fields.

New Plugins

All Plans:

Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans:

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans:

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