Upgraded to Omeka 2.3

All sites have been upgraded to Omeka 2.3. This update brings improved accessibility for screen readers and other assistive devices, including skip navigation links and other functionality. In addition, the “narrow by specific field” drop-down menu in advanced search now sorts fields according to customized order, rather than alphabetically.

New Plugins

This update also brings with it two new plugins: Locale and Web Services Shortcodes.

Locale allows administrators to change the default language of the website text, including some of the helper text on the admin side. The Locale plugin works with many other plugins on, meaning that their default text will be translated as well. At present, Locale supports over forty language; volunteers are welcome to help us expand and improve the translations.

The Web Services Shortcodes plugin allows users to embed content from certain websites on pages in your site. For example, you can now embed a visualization from ViewShare in a Simple Page.

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