Refreshed and Renewed

Today marks the launch of a new look for, and many new benefits for users. Now is the time to sign up for an account to take advantage of our new pricing structure, enhanced functionality options, and additional storage.

We’ve reduced the prices for our most popular plans:

Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans now include a number of new plugins that include text and image annotation, and a way to provide editorial feedback on online exhibit drafts, and themes designed specifically to support image-centered work.

Finally, all plans now include twice as much storage as before. offers a range of plans to fill many web publishing needs. A tour through our Showcase offers examples of the ways that users are making the most of the platform. Explore the sites that have similar project goals, such as collecting user contributions, and discover which plan will let you develop your project with the features you need.

Once you’re ready to sign up for an account or to upgrade to a new plan, we have created an easy plan comparison page to help you find the right solution for your web publishing needs. Choose from up to eight options of site features, such as “collect user submissions,” “Display data on maps,” or “Annotate text or images,” and click “Show me my plan” to find the best fit for your project.

The new showcase page, with four sites featured: Big Stuff, Stark & Subtle Divisions, Appalachian Dulcimer Archive, and Hermoupolis Digital Heritage Management

The next step is to get started building your site with, and we provide a set of easy-to-use instructions for planning, building, and launching a website.

Sign-up or upgrade today!

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