2020 Year in Review

Over the past year, we have made a number of updates and upgrades to that we think have improved your user experience. Many of these updates were driven by comments and suggestions from you, and we are thankful to have such engaged and insightful users.

The system is now running on Omeka Classic 2.7.1. This version upgrade addressed a number of small bugs and improved internationalization in a number of languages. Also, the software now has improved support for rich text in Dublin Core Titles. You can use italics, boldface, underline, and links when entering titles for items, collections, and files. Furthermore, themes now support alt tags for header images.

Throughout the year, we also made upgrades to key plugins. Notably, the Omeka Dev Team reworked the Geolocation plugin to use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps, in response to Google Maps moving to a paid model. We also made a big update to the Google Analytics plugin to support the newest analytics tag. Finally, we have added support for embeds from a number of new web services (Review the full list here).

Early in 2021, you can look forward to a newly refreshed administrative theme for the core Omeka application and an array of other enhancements.

We appreciate your dedicated use of and are looking forward to continuing to improve your experience with the system in 2021.

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