What is Omeka.net?

Omeka.net is web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions. No technical skills or special server requirements are necessary. Sign up, and start sharing. Instructions for using Omeka.net are in the right column.

  • Share Collections
  • Gather Stories
  • Build Exhibits
  • Map Photos
  • Create Simple Web Pages
  • Customize Web Design Templates
  • Share data through feeds
  • Collaborate

Omeka.org vs Omeka.net

Omeka.net is an outgrowth of the Omeka project and uses Omeka Classic. What are the differences between the versions you download and install yourself, and getting a hosted account on Omeka.net?

Omeka Classic Omeka.net
LAMP server required No server required
FTP client required No FTP client required
Web-based administrative interface Web-based administrative interface
Add, edit, delete Items, Item Types, Collections, Exhibits Add, edit, delete Items, Item Types, Collections, Exhibits
Customize themes and plugins by editing server files Configurable themes and plugins through admin interface
Storage space determined by your server and/or server administrator Storage space according to the plan you choose.
Unlimited number of plugins and themes Plugins and themes determined by the plan you chose
File size limitations, determined by your server administrator File size limitations: 64mb
One site per installation Multiple sites, depending on your plan, per user account
Free Free basic plan always available w/other options for small fee

How Might I use Omeka.net?

See these use cases for how you might use Omeka.net for building projects.