Simple Contact Form

This plugin is for accounts with the Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

The Simple Contact Form enables visitors to your site to email comments and suggestions to the site administrator. By default, the plugin adds “Contact Us” to your site’s main navigation.


The configuration settings have a number of fields, almost all of which relate to setting up the various email addresses and messages needed for a contact form.

The fields are as follows:

The above field.

Configure the page on which the form appears with these settings:

The above fields as described. The Instructions field has "please send us your comments and suggestions" entered.

When the visitor clicks the submit button on the contact page form, they are redirected to a thank you page. Settings for this are:

The above fields as described, with default text.

Receiving and replying to comment

When a site visitor submits a message via the form, it will appear in the inbox of the Forward-to email address. The subject will be “[Your Site Title] - A User Has Contacted You.”

The email will come from, but the reply-to address for the email is the email given by the person who filled out the message. To follow up, simply use your email client’s reply function.

A crop of a Simple Contact message in Gmail. The subject of the email is "DemoSite - A User Has Contacted You." It is from, with detail expanded to see that the reply-to is a .edu email account.