Collections may be used in a variety of contexts that make the most sense for your archive. It is not necessary to follow a traditional interpretation of a collection, say by owner or donor. In Omeka, an item may belong to only one collection at a time. You can change its collection at any time.

Tags can also be used for organizing items into different categories or themes.

Add a Collection

  1. Click on the “Collections” tab in the /admin interface top navigation bar. Any collections you create will be listed on the /admin/collections page.
  2. Click, “Add a Collection.”
  3. Add a collection

  4. Name and describe your collection, or add the name of a donor/collector.
  5. Determine if you want this collection visible to the public.
  6. You may associate an item with this collection, and all others you create, when adding or editing an item.
  7. Be sure to click “Save Collection” to save your newly-created collection.

Edit a Collection

  1. You may edit collections at any time by going to the Collections tab and clicking the edit button found to the right of the named collection.
    Adding Items to Collections
  2. First you must create a collection, and then you may add an item to it through the add/edit item form.
  3. An item may only belong to one collection a time. You may switch collection associations for an item at any time.