Google Analytics

This plugin is available for accounts with Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

This plugin enables Google Analytics to track visitation to your website. The Google Analytics plugin is available on all plans.

Configuring the Plugin

  • If you do not have a Google Analytics account already, visit the Google Analytics website and create an account.
  • Follow the instructions there to set up tracking for the URL for your site.
  • Install the Google Analytics plugin from the Settings panel and click Configure.
  • Copy the value for Account ID found next to the site URL (starts with “UA- or G-”) and paste it into text field.
  • There is also a setting to allow users to opt in or out of being tracked. Check this box to make this option available.
  • Save Changes.

google Analytics configuration

Tracking Visitors

To view the latest website visitation numbers, log into your Google Analytics account. Visitor statistics will be stored and can be examined at your Google Analytics dashboard. They are available to view on

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