Manage Item Types

Item types are user-defined type of object, with associated metadata. comes with predefined item types with fields specific to the item type, for instance Document includes fields for document text and original format.  You can easily edit these item types or add your own.

Browsing item types

Existing Item Types

Modifying Existing Item Types

Editing an Item Type

  1. Go to Item Types page in the admin panel and click on the type you want to modify.
  2. In the next screen, click the “edit” button. From here, you can edit or delete the current metadata fields for  the item type or add new ones.
  3. When finished, click “Save Changes”

Creating a new Item Type

Creating a new item type

  1. If you are interested in creating a new “item type”, go to your admin screen, click on the Item Types tab (/admin/item-types). Using either the green button at the top or near the bottom of the page, click the button to “Add an Item Type.”
  2. From this screen you may create a new item type new fields that correspond with the type of data you want to associate.