PDF Embed

This plugin is available for accounts with Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

We encourage users currently using the Docs Viewer plugin to use the new PDF Embed. The service Google provides for the Docs Viewer has become less reliable, and the viewer often fails to display documents. PDF Embed should always display embedded PDFs.

Note: any non-PDF documents previously being displayed by the Docs Viewer (eg, Microsoft Word documents), will need to be converted to PDFs for PDF Embed to display them.

PDF Embed

PDF Embed renders PDFs uploaded as files for an item directly on the item’s public page, allowing users to read the document without needing to click on the file links. Installing the plugin displays the viewer on any page that contains a PDF.

There are two configuration settings for the plugin. The first is the height, which will determine how tall the viewer for the PDF will be on your page. The second allows you to choose how the PDFs are rendered on the page:


Object will work for most users, however Internet Explorer does not have a built-in PDF viewer. JavaScript will require newer technology on the user’s end, but may provide more coverage of those users.