Shared Shelf

This plugin is available for all plans.

The Shared Shelf Link plugin allows Shared Shelf users to bulk publish image files and associated metadata to collections in, also creating unique items in the archive for each file. Utilizing tools in Shared Shelf, a cloud-based image management platform created by ARTstor, metadata is mapped to Dublin Core from customizable schemas before publishing from Shared Shelf projects to an site.

Shared Shelf users may create a publishing target for an website, and this target can be added to an existing project managed in Shared Shelf or assigned to a new project.

Contact Shared Shelf Support to get started with the Shared Shelf Link plugin for Omeka.


You must have a Shared Shelf account to use this plugin.

Go to the plugins tab on the top navigation in the admin dashboard. Scroll to Shared Shelf and click configure. On the Configure Plugin page, enter your authorization token from Shared Shelf.

Putting a token into the Shared Shelf configuration

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