Manage Search Settings has a Settings section dedicated to search functionality. Access this via Settings in the top navigation bar.

It’s important to note that the new site-wide search encompasses all record types in your site (items, files, collections, as well as Simple Pages and Exhibit content), and can be constrained to particular types.

Query Types

The search capability has expanded to include three options for admin and public queries:

Select Record Types

As an site Super administrator, you may choose which record types you wish to be searchable: items, collections, and files. Additionally, if you installed the Simple Pages and Exhibit Builder plugins, you may make that content available as well. Other plugins may make their content available for searching as well.

List of search settings

Using the checkboxes found to the left of each record type, choose which ones you want discoverable by the site-wide search. Please note that the “Exhibit” record type includes exhibit descriptive information, and an “Exhibit Page” is the actual content of the exhibit. Click Save Changes. Once records types are selected, searchers may choose from the options you have provided them, in admin and public site-wide searches.

View of the search settings available to users on the front end.


Indexing means to collect, parse, and store data to facilitate fast and accurate searches. will automatically index individual records as they are created and saved.

Click on the “Index Records” button to re-index your records.