This page explains the search functions for on the public and admin side, and how to use them.

The simplest way to search an Omeka Classic installation is using the simple search bar. On the admin side, this is always present in the upper right hand area of the window, under the top navigation. The exact location of the search bar on the public side varies by theme, but is generally close to the navigation menu. All of the images below are taken from the admin view, for simplicity.

To perform a basic search, type the keyword you want to search for in the field and either hit enter on your keyboard or click the Search (magnifying glass) button. Depending on the search settings, content in this search might include item, file, and collection metadata, the text on simple pages, exhibit summary pages and exhibit pages.

Search options

To access the options for the basic search, click on the ellipses (…) button to the right of the search bar, next to the search (magnifying glass) button.

Basic search options, as seen on the admin side

The first set of options allows you to select a query type:

The second set of options are a series of checkboxes for content to include in the search. The checkboxes populate based on the search settings and can include:

It may also include options provided by plugins, such as:

Advanced Search will only search the items in your Omeka Classic installation.

It is available on the admin sides, and on the public side if the Use Advanced Site-Wide Search option is checked in the theme settings

To access the advanced search, click on the ellipses (…) button to the right of the basic search bar and then click the link to “Advanced Search (Items Only)”. You can also get to the advanced item search from the “Search Items” button on the Items page of the admin interface.

The “Search Items” page presents a variety of options for advanced searching across all items. You do not need to complete all fields, only as many as you want.

Admin view of the advanced search options, as described in the list below.

Advanced Search options are:

If you have the Geolocation plugin installed, Advanced Search will also include the following options:

If you have the Exhibit Builder plugin installed, advanced search will include the following option:


Seeing unpublished items when searching on the public side: If you are still logged in to your Omeka Classic installation, you will see all items on the public and admin side. Try logging out or visiting the site in a different browser (where you are not logged in).

If you are having trouble finding words you know are in your install, the following may be part of the problem: