Manage Websites & Account

After logging into, you will come to the home page with options to go to your Account in the right top side. If you forgot your password, click the “Lost Your Password?” link above the login screen.

My Account

On this section of the website you can manage your account information, review your sites, update your plan, or deactivate your account.


The Sites section is where you may add, manage, and delete each of your websites account dashboard on first tab

Adding a Website: Click “Add a Site”, and fill out the form to reserve a site name that will part of your website’s URL, for example:

Add a website form

Managing a Website: Once added, a website will appear in your Dashboard. Under the site’s name, you may click “View Site” to view the public site, or “Manage Site” to go to the administrative dashboard of your website where you create an archive, build exhibits, and manage its plugins and themes.

This display will also inform your of your role on each site listed and the amount of storage used by each site.

Deleting a Website: Be very careful–once you delete a site, all of your data will be permanently deleted. Click the delete button to the right of the site’s name. You will be asked to enter your password to confirm the deleting process.

Account Information

On this page you can review your personal information (name, username, email, and plan expiration date) and see your plan and total storage used. To make changes to these, either go to the Edit Personal Information or Upgrade Plan tabs.

Edit Personal Information.

On this page you can change your username, full name or email address.

Be sure to click “Save Changes”

Change Password.

To change your password, you must first enter your current password and then your new password twice.

Be sure to click the “Save Password” button to ensure the new password is saved.


Select from the available upgrades. You may upgrade your plan at any time. Each plan fee is billed in one year cycles. Plans will not be pro-rated. Any remaining time on your current plan will be pro-rated into additional time on your new plan.

Deactivate Account

Be very careful–once you delete your account, each and all of your websites and their accompanying data will be permanently deleted. You will be asked to confirm deactivating by entering your password before the action is complete.

Back Ups

All sites are backed up daily, but it is not possible for users to download those backups as files.

If there is a system problem, every site will be restored from the last backup. If a user deletes data from their individual site, it is not recoverable.

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