Build a Website – Start Here!

Before building a website in, we recommend you first plan out your content. For advice on thinking about digital projects and planning them before building a website, you might want to browse through Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and, Presenting the Past on the Web, by Dan Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig. Need some inspiration? Look at this list of websites built in

Getting Started with the Dashboard

Omeka’s administrative panel or Dashboard is where you go to manage all of the functions and information in an Omeka website, such as adding items, creating collections, modifying item types, building an exhibit, and managing its plugins and themes.

Overview of the Omeka dashboard

The Dashboard is located at located at ‘/admin’ relative to your website’s URL ( To login, go to This username and password is the same as your login for For the next steps, go to the following help sections:

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